Competent Person Training for Frame Scaffolds

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Recommended for individuals that the employer is desiring to designate as a competent person for frame scaffolds. The SAIA has an alliance with OSHA and the fact that the employer has sent his Competent Persons through this third-party training carries weight with them.  

Note: no training course in itself makes anyone competent.  Employers still are responsible to ensure that their competent people have the knowledge and abilities to recognize the hazards on their job sites.


  • The need for training
  • The five most serious scaffold hazards
  • Decking material and loading
  • Stationary scaffold requirements
  • Rolling scaffold requirements
  • Tube and coupler scaffold requirements
  • Wall tie placement review
  • Stationary scaffold bracing
  • Cross braces as guardrails
  • Scaffold loads and load chart development
  • Hands on exercise
  • Exam

Students receive a comprehensive workbook with this course.  Classes should be scheduled far enough in advance to give the students time to pre-study the workbook.  This gives the students the maximum opportunity to be prepared with questions and also increases the scores on the 80-question multiple choice exam.

The course begins in the classroom where there is about 4 hours of instruction. After breaking for lunch the class participates in a hands on session which includes the construction of a small stationary scaffold and a rolling scaffold.  This may be done utilizing actual scaffolding or a 1/3 scale model.  

The class concludes with an 80-question multiple choice exam which is sent to the SAIA for grading.


Class sizes range from 1 to 25 with the optimal size being about 10-15.  The time for the course extends with larger classes due to increased discussion time.


The base per student cost of the course $300.

Students who receive a grade of 70% or better receive a frame ready certificate and a wallet card valid for 3 years.