Cornice & Parapet Hooks

Cornice & Parapet Hooks

With a simple strong design, these hooks are the perfect low cost solution for parapet and cornice rigging.

For more information on Cornice and Parapet Hooks, contact your local Stone Mountain Access representative.

Additional information

Product Overview

Parapet Hooks are flame cut out of 1/2 in. high strength steel plate and Cornice Hooks out of 3/4 in. thick plate. Available in sizes from 9 to 32 in.

Parapet Hooks are designed for parapet loading only. 3/4 in. Cornice Hooks are suitable for parapet and point loading.

To move the suspension point a little further away from the wall, an adjustable stand-off bracket is available.

General Specifications

Dimensions, 9 to 36 in throat
Load Capacity, 1,000 lbs
Weight, From 22 lbs
Construction, ½ in or ¾ in high strength steel plate
Finish, Painted