Frame and Brace Shoring

>>>Frame and Brace Shoring

Frame and Brace Shoring

Stone Mountain Access offers Frame & Brace shoring capable of supporting 10,000 lbs per leg. Like Frame Scaffolding, Frame & Brace Shoring frames connect to each other using cross braces, so frames are spaced at set distances, and coupling pins can be used to stack frames together at nearly any height.

For more information about Frame & Brace Shoring, contact your local Stone Mountain Access representative.

Additional information

Product Overview

Major Features
• Made using hi-strength steel
• Mechanically welded
• Hot dip galvanized finish
• Durable
• Low-maintenance

Product Specifications

Size: 3’ H x 2’W
Capacity (per frame): 20,000 lbs
OD Tube: 2.375”
Top Hole Space: 1.625”
Top Lock Space: 7"
Weight: 29.98 lbs