Power Climber

Power Climber

Power Climber manufactures and designs the safest and most reliable traction hoists on the market. Experience speaks for itself by putting people to work at height safely and providing productive access solutions for the most challenging industrial and commercial projects. Stone Mountain Access carries and services a range of Power Climber products.


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Product Overview

The updated PC1 hoist marries the trusted PC1’s breech reeving capability with the proven low voltage performance of our newest models. With the deepest voltage operating range on the market and the easy-to-replace motherboard, the PC1 manages poor power better than the competition. Trust the market innovator to bring industry-leading voltage performance to the market-leading, breech reeving PC1.

Major Features
• Reliable performance
• Simple electrical troubleshooting
• Breech reeving allows no-power rigging and derigging
• Easily self-reeves

The new and improved PC3 is a customer inspired design offering unique features and improvements over the years, making it one of the most durable and best performing traction hoists in the market.

Major Features
• Clean, contained design
• Broad operating range
• Load sensitive traction
• Mounted electrical components on motherboard
• Designed for service efficiency
• Built-in overspeed break
• Remote ready

General Specifications

Lifting Capacity, 1,000 lbs
Lifting Speed, 35 ft/min
Weight, 88-104 lbs
Dimensions, 13 in x 12 in x 20 in
(14 in x 12 in x 18.5 in for 1000A)

Lifting Capacity, 1,000 or 1,500 lbs
Lifting Speed, 35 ft/min (>15 ft/min for 110V)
Weight, 99-101 lbs
Dimensions, 14 in x 12.75 in x 23.5 in