The PowerMast is great for mid to high access demands, offering unmatched portability and simplicity for a wide variety of wall access needs, up to 200+ ft. The tools-free mast assembly is easy to assemble and connect and is so compact that a 100 ft twin system can fit in the back of a truck or van. This product is available in Single or Twin Mast, depending on what components are needed for your project. This product is compatible with up to 30 in. modular deck or railed walk boards.


Additional information

Major Features

• Accepts most modular platforms and walkboards
• Single mast system can be set up in 1-2 hours
• Safety mechanism stops descent in cast of overspeed

Product Specifications

Platform Support Dimensions (twin), Accepts up to 30 in. Wide Platform Deck
Minimum/Maximum Platform Length (twin), Any Length within 1500 lbs System Capacity
Basket Dimension (single), 30 in x 6.5 ft
Maximum Height, 200+ ft
Maximum Load Capacity (twin), 1500 lbs (750 lbs per mast)
Tie Spacing, 15 ft
Climbing Speed, Up to 20 ft/min
Drive System, 120:1 Clutch Protected Transmission
Operating System, ½ in 8 amp Min Drill Motor
Required Voltage, 110 VAC Single Phase
Safety Devices, Drop/Stop Lock Pawl, Overload Clutch, Overspeed Brake
Climbing Unit Weight, 65 lbs
5 ft Mast Weight, 32 lbs
31 in. Mast Weight, 19 lbs
Tie Weight, 7 lbs
Tie Pullout Force, 750 lbs per tie
Mast Section, 5 in x 6 in Aluminum with Galvanized Steel Track
Mast Connection Type, Interference Locking Cam
Total Weight on Base Plate, 2150 lbs
Surface Area of Base Plate, 100 sq in
Surface Pressure from Base, 21.5 psi (2150 lbs/100 sq in)