The PowerPole can help you get your equipment between buildings, on rooftops or around landscaping, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting equipment to the job site and in place. This setup is great for tuckpointing, waterproofing, siding and painting, roofing, windows, and more. With incomparable setup costs, portability, lift-to-weight ratio and a landscape-friendly design, ReechCraft’s PowerPole works at the ideal height and can help you reach tight spots.

For more information about the Reechcraft PowerPole, contact your local Stone Mountain Access Representative.


Additional information

Major Features

• Quick and easy setup
• Perfect for tight spaces
• Accommodates platforms up to 28 in. wide
• Landscape-friendly design
• Fits in doorways
• No roof rigging

Product Specifications

Maximum Rated Load on Climbing Unit, 650 lbs (1,300 lbs per pair)
Safety Devices, Lock Pawl, Manual Crank
Maximum Climbing Speed at ½ Rated Load, 25 ft/min
Maximum Climbing Speed at Rated Load, 15 ft/min
Maximum Lowering Speed, 30 ft/min
Maximum Platform Height, 72 ft
Maximum Work Height, 78 ft
Platform Sizes, Up to 40 ft x 28 in.
Basket Size, 28 in x 36 in x 42.25 in

Power Pole Tilt-Up Specifications

Maximum Midspan Tie Spacing, 16 ft
Maximum Height without Midspan Tie (with Outriggers), 32 ft (40 ft)
Maximum Untied Work Height (requires Outriggers), 24 ft