Tractel Skysafe® Modular Platform Systems

>>>>Tractel Skysafe® Modular Platform Systems

Tractel Skysafe® Modular Platform Systems

Skysafe Modular and Knockdown suspended scaffolding provides a stable, secure platform for any work being done on high rise buildings, tall structures, and bridges. These sturdy, yet lightweight platforms are great for window cleaning, brick and masonry restoration, painting, maintenance, inspection, and other jobs.

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Product Specifications
  Rigid Modular System Knockdown Modular System
Platform Length ½ m 1 m 2 m 3 m 1 m 2 m 3 m
Platform Weight 36 lbs 53 lbs 92 lbs 132 lbs 54 lbs 95 lbs 140 lbs
Rated Load 1,500 lbs at 9 m 1,500 lbs at 9 m




Additional information

Product Overview

As a modular system, platforms can easily be assembled in multiple configurations from 6’6” to 59’. Built from extruded aluminum with steel end or intermediate stirrups mean these platform resist corrosion and harsh environmental conditions.

Major Features

• Available in rigid and knockdown configurations
• Knockdown consist of only 3 major parts
• Easy assembly
• Knockdown will fit into opening as small as 30”