Wall Roller Bumper

Wall Roller Bumper

Protect the side of the building your working on, so you can leave it looking better than you found it. These wall roller bumpers provide a barrier between the swing stage and the surface of your building to shield the building from damage.


Additional information

Product Overview

These roller bumpers feature a design that is:
• Versatile: The clamp’s flexible design allows you to fasten this bumper onto any modular or fixed length platform with a rail height of at least 6”. The standard version of this bumper provides an 8” distance between your platform and the building service. An extendible version, which provides an 18” distance, is also available.
• Easy: Simple design allows this bumper to be installed easily with no tools necessary.
• Sturdy: Totally enclosed threads prevent dirt build-up, and strong steel construction stands up to abuse.

Product Specifications

Roller Dimensions, 15×6 in.
Toeboard Clearance, 6 to 9.5 in. (5 to 7.5 in. also available)
Weight, 12 lb.
Construction, Steel
Finish, Painted
Roller, Soft white, non-marking