Scaffold Ladders are designed to attach to the inside or outside of a scaffold tower, providing safe access to the various deck levels.

For more information about Ringlock System Scaffolding, contact your local Stone Mountain Access representative.


Additional information

Major Features

• Made using hi-strength steel
• Mechanically welded
• Hot dip galvanized finish
• Durable
• Low-maintenance

Load Test

The Ring Lock System Scaffolding can accommodate up to 8 connections of combined ledger and braces. Each of these connections can safely carry a load of 5,000 lbs. The total sum of the ledge loads cannot exceed the recommended leg load for the given bracing situation.

Product Specifications

Height and weight
8 ft, 11.00 lbs
10 ft, 15.40 lbs
12 ft, 19.80 lbs
14 ft, 22.00 lbs
16 ft, 28.60 lbs
18 ft, 33.00 lbs
20 ft, 37.40 lbs