Scorpio Plus

Scorpio Plus

The Scorpio Plus wire rope hoist is designed for light weight, smaller projects. Ultra-portable at 95 lbs, this hoist is faster, safer and more efficient than ropes & pulleys and considerably cheaper than a fork lift. The Scorpio is one of our most requested hoists for light duty projects due to its portable nature and its suitability for confined spaces.


Additional information

Major Features

• Can rotate nearly 180 degrees when attached to a vertical post mounting system
• Installs easily on existing scaffold systems and work platforms
• Water tight connectors
• Fail safe brake holds load securely
• Upper-limit Switch assembly stops the hoist immediately when activated
• Sturdy electrical controller equipped with thermal overload sensing device

Product Specifications

Set Up, Single Line
Lift Capacity, 400 lbs
Lift Speed, 80 ft/min
Lift Height, 160 ft
A/C Power, 110v, 1ɸ
Horsepower, 1HP
Mounting Options, I-Beam Trolley, Scaff-Trac, Trestle Monorail, Vertical Post