Stair Towers

Stair Towers

The Ringlock Platform Stair Tower makes for safer access and is more convenient than ladders. The Stair Tower can be easily integrated within an existing scaffold or used independently. The stairs fit into 2.0m lifts and if required, an entrance or exit can be made at each platform level.

For more information about Ringlock System Scaffolding, contact your local Stone Mountain Access representative.


Additional information

Product Overview

The Ringlock Platform Stair Tower is built from standard Ringlock system components with only three additional components. These are the Aluminum Platform Stair, the Guardrails and Outer Guardrails.

Every Ringlock Scaffold and Stair Tower needs to be tied to a rigid construction for stability depending on its height and least base dimension. At heights above 4.0m the Stair Tower needs to be fastened to the access scaffold or the permanent building/structure every 4m vertically.

Major Features

• Made using hi-strength steel
• Mechanically welded
• Hot dip galvanized finish
• Durable
• Low-maintenance

Load Test

The Ring Lock System Scaffolding can accommodate up to 8 connections of combined ledger and braces. Each of these connections can safely carry a load of 5,000 lbs. The total sum of the ledge loads cannot exceed the recommended leg load for the given bracing situation.

Product Specifications

Description, Dimensions and Weight
Platform Stair, 6’7”x10’, 74.67 lbs
Inner Stair Guardrail, 6’7”x10’, 26.81 lbs
Outer Stair Guardrail, 6’7”x10’, 38.10 lbs